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Soul Circle Radio - Episode 218 ft. Made By Crooks

Made By Crooks was recently interviewed on Soul Circle Radio with DJ MZA. He discusses his close ties to his hometown Sacramento, his inspirations, and the team that he’s surrounded by.


The Family Reviews

Made By Crooks’ ALLISON was reviewed on The Family Reviews, a site where members of the Maldjian family give an in-depth review of an album, and give it a score out of 7. ALLISON managed to score a 6/7 average from the entire family.

Made By Crooks’ First Songwriting Placement for Minzy’s Latest Single “All Of You Say”

Made By Crooks just received his first songwriting placement writing Minzy’s latest hit “All Of You Say”! Produced by D1 Hooker, the track combines elements of Reggaeton, Pop and Hip Hop. It’s Minzy’s first song sung entirely in English, and it’s available now on itunes and all streaming platforms!

BROOKLYN RADIO - Fresh Taste #60

Made By Crooks’ song “Flee” was recently featured on Brooklyn Radio’s Fresh Taste #60 with James Alexander Bright curating the playlist.


Okayplayer - Mixtape Mondays

Made By Crooks’ ALLISON was recently featured on go-to music and culture site Okayplayer, as part of their “Mixtape Mondays” series. Written by Karas Lamb.

Good Times With The Boys: Singin’ It w/ Made By Crooks

Made By Crooks was recently featured on podcast “Good Times With the Boys”, where they discussed growing up in a Filipino household, music, and eating ants...


Q-Tip Presents: Abstract Radio - Episode 116

Made By Crooks’ song “Flee” was featured on Episode 116 of Q-Tip Presents Abstract Radio on Apple Music’s Beats1.